The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask a Medium

mediumship Jul 25, 2022
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A Psychic or Mediumship Reading can provide guidance, validation, clarity and direction around past, present and future challenges. During a Mediumship Reading, you can expect to connect with your passed loved ones, and receive evidence that they live on as well as messages of hope and healing to help guide you in the journey of your life. During a Psychic Reading (also called an Intuitive Reading), you can receive answers to your questions about your career, relationships, and life purpose. If you're ready to take that next step, check out How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading or The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask a Psychic.



What is a Mediumship Reading?


Mediumship is the communication between Spirits of the deceased and those who are still living. As a Psychic Medium, I communicate with those who have passed to the spirit world through seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing. I act as a bridge between the Spirit World and this world. My goal is to deliver messages and evidence to my clients that their loved ones are very much alive and present in their lives.


Preparing for a Mediumship Reading


In a private 1:1 Mediumship Reading, the Medium will usually begin by explaining to you how they work and letting you know what you may expect to happen during your session. An evidential Medium will then begin communicating with your loved ones who are in spirit and presenting you with evidence of their personalities and lives here on Earth. 


Personal and sensitive information may be discussed if it's a benefit to your healing. You should understand most of the evidence that is being presented to you, however, there are sometimes things that don't make sense until after a reading. I love getting messages from clients letting me know that they’ve uncovered an item that we discussed that was in their loved one’s possessions or spoke to other family members and learned that they did in fact have an aunt named Rita.


The spirit world knows exactly which type of evidence to present to the Medium to identify themselves, although it may not always be exactly what you're expecting. It helps to keep an open mind. Experiencing a Mediumship reading is often a profound and healing experience, and you will want to give yourself time to process your session if possible. Taking an afternoon off from work afterwards or setting some time aside to reflect can be beneficial to the healing process.


Going forward, take some time to think through areas of your life where you may need guidance or questions you’d like to have answered during your reading. During an Intuitive Reading, I let my clients know in the beginning that I'll be checking in with them part way through the reading to make sure that I’ve answered all of their questions. It may help to make a list of questions in order of significance to you to refer to. In most cases, all of your questions may be answered before you even ask, however, having a list can allow you to feel more relaxed knowing that nothing will be missed.


Now, let me say that it may not be necessary to ask any questions at all during your reading or perhaps only ask a few questions at the end. However, it’s almost always helpful to have intentions around what questions you’d like to be answered. Many times the Medium will answer your questions before you even have a chance to ask them! 


I always recommend being clear with yourself before a reading about what you’d like guidance and direction on. This will allow you to relax knowing that as the reading wraps up you can look over your list and make sure you have the answers you’re seeking. If you're looking to prepare yourself even more, you'll want to read How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading. And if you haven’t experienced a reading before, read Psychic Readings: What to Expect Before, During, and After to get a strong sense of what you can expect.


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Questions to ask an Animal Communicator or Pet Medium:


An animal communicator is someone who specializes in animal communication and will typically be able to communicate with both living animals and pets that have passed. Many Evidential Mediums will also communicate with animals - it is common for me to connect with all types of animals in my sessions with clients. If you're interested in connecting to pets you’ve lost, be sure to ask the Medium you're thinking about working with if connecting with pets is a specialty of theirs.


1. What does my pet want me to know about their passing?


2. How can I honor my beloved pet now that they have passed?


3. What did my pet most enjoy about our relationship together?


4. What soul lessons were they here on Earth to uncover?


5. What are they enjoying about the spirit world? What activities are they doing?


6. What can I do to help heal  my heart after this loss? How can I move on?


7. Does my animal companion have any advice for other pets living in my home?



Questions to ask a Medium about your passed loved ones:


Remember that the Spirit World will likely answer your questions by the end of the session and you don’t want to share any personal information with the Medium you’re working with during your session. It may help you relax to have a list of questions you’d like answered and you should definitely have the time and space to ask these questions towards the end of your session.


1. What does my passed loved one want me to know about (my current situation, relationship, etc.)?


2. How will I know when my passed loved one is around and visiting me?


3. Will my passed loved one send me signs? How can I recognize them?


4. How is my loved one feeling now that they are in spirit? 


5. Who have they reunited with that they knew on Earth?


6. Do they have any regrets or anything they wish they could have done differently?


7. Did they know I was around them before they passed? (Many people ask this question when they've had a loved one who was ill or unable to communicate towards their end of life).


8. How can I best communicate with them?


9. How can I honor my loved one’s legacy?


10. What would they like me to do to help heal from this loss?


11. What are they doing in the Spirit World? What do they enjoy about it?



Questions to ask a Medium about Spirit Guides or the Spirit World:


Spirit Guides are infinitely loving beings that are in our lives to guide, teach, and protect us. Everyone has Spirit Guides regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Even if you don’t see, hear, or feel your guides yet, you do have them. There isn't a person on this planet that's alone in their life experience; we are all connected, guided, and loved.


When it comes to asking questions to help “identify” your Spirit Guides, you might find that these questions need to be answered by your guides directly. I'm careful not to intercede in the relationship being built between my client and their guides and will only share what is evidential and being asked to be shared through the guide. There have been occasions when I'll see something specific about a client's Spirit Guide and it will be in validation of an experience they have had. I once told a young man in a reading that I saw a woman standing behind him in a long orange robe and I had a feeling that he had been communicating with her the evening before and asking for spiritual guidance. He immediately recognized the woman and, although he did not know her, he had a spiritual experience the night before when he saw her in his mind's eye. This is the type of evidence that is helpful to a client. Offering information on Spirit Guides without the evidence is not in alignment with my work because it can't be validated, and I feel can do more harm than good. With that said, you can ask your guides for advice and life guidance as freely as you wish!


1. What do my guides want me to know about (my current situation, relationship, etc.)?


2. What can my guides tell me about my life’s purpose?


3. What are my soul’s gifts?


4. How can I best move forward in my current situation?


5. Where am I getting in my own way?


6. How can I connect to my guides more freely and clearly?


7. How will I know my guides are around?


8. What signs do they/will they send me?



Questions to ask a Medium about death, closure, or grief:


When it comes to processing grief, you should feel free to ask a Medium any questions that might feel helpful to you. Even if a question can’t be answered, it can be therapeutic to discuss and share with someone who has an intimate relationship with those in the Spirit World. I often share with my clients about my own near death experience and experiences with losing loved ones if I feel guided to. The Spirit World will not always answer every question the way we want or expect, but it will always answer from a place of love. Here are some of the most healing questions I’ve been asked:


1. What did my loved one experience as they were passing?


2. Who was the first person to greet them in the Spirit World?


3. Can my passed loved one see (something about my life) and how do they feel about it?


4. Will I see my passed loved one when I go to the Spirit World someday? How will they find me?


5. What can I do to tend to my grief and my heart at this time?


6. Who can I reach out to for help or support?


7. Why did my loved one have to go at this time? Was it their time?


8. Could their death have been prevented? Was anyone responsible?


7. Is my passed loved one upset with me? (This can be healing if there is any unfinished business or conversations.) 



If you feel called to learn more about how to identify signs that your deceased loved one is still with you, read: Clear Signs a Deceased Loved One is With You


Or if you're ready to ask all of your questions and want to meet with an experienced, kind, and honest Medium, see if a mediumship reading is right for you.

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