Psychic Readings: What to Expect Before, During, and After

intuition psychic May 30, 2022
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What is a psychic or mediumship reading?


When it comes to psychic and mediumship readings there are a variety of options to choose from, but generally readings fall into two categories: psychic (also called an intuitive reading) or mediumship. During a psychic reading, the reader will connect to your energy using their intuition or psychic senses. Every reader works differently, but  essentially what's happening in a psychic reading is the reader is extending their soul's energy to your soul in order to receive information that may be helpful and validating as well as to offer advice and guidance to you. During a mediumship reading, the medium will connect their energy and blend with one of your loved ones who has passed to the Spirit World and give you evidence that they live on, and messages of hope and healing to help guide you in the journey of your life. 


Is there a difference between psychics and mediums?


You may have heard the saying that every Medium is Psychic, but not every Psychic is a Medium. A Medium is so sensitive to energy that they are able to communicate with those who are in the Spirit realm, so naturally, they are going to be sensitive to energy and information around them connected to the Earth plane.


Many Mediums offer Psychic or Intuitive readings to help guide their clients with all matters here on Earth: love life, career and life purpose are the most common types of questions my clients ask about. There are also many talented Psychics working who aren't Mediums, or who do not offer Mediumship readings. To learn more about mediumship, read What is Mediumship: A Beginner's Complete Guide.

Who are psychic and mediumship readings for?


People seek a psychic or mediumship reading for many reasons. Those who seek mediumship readings may desire healing after the loss of a loved one. Sometimes a reading can help to provide closure when a passing was unexpected and there have been things left unsaid, or comfort knowing that your loved ones live on and are a witness to your journey. Many people seek mediumship readings to feel more connected to their loved ones, and feel comforted by a reading, like they are having a visit with their loved one. Many people share that after a mediumship reading they are no longer afraid of death, knowing that their loved one is okay and that their soul and spirit live on.

Often a mediumship reading can inspire a spiritual journey towards your own spiritual gifts. A psychic reading can also be extremely validating and healing and you don’t need to have lost a loved one to experience this healing and guidance. When you need life guidance, validation, clarity, and direction around past, present and future challenges, a psychic reading can help answer your questions regarding career, relationships, and life purpose. 


Some common types of psychic readings are:


Intuitive Reading: Intuitive is just another word for psychic. During an intuitive reading, the reader is connecting intuitively to your energy to provide guidance, clarity, and messages for you. Each reading is different and will focus on the needs of the client at that moment. Sometimes tarot cards or other divination tools may be used, but they aren't necessary. An intuitive reading can answer questions about your life’s path and the reader may offer you practical advice and support for the next steps you should take. Readings can focus on health, finances, love life, career or any other questions you might have. The possibilities for discussion are endless and depend on what you need during your session. 


Soul Reading: This type of reading focuses on your soul's purpose, what lessons you are here to work out, and what your soul's gifts are. This type of reading can also offer evidence of what has happened in the past to bring you to your current situation and look at various ways you might choose to move forward and the possible rewards or consequences for your choices. During a soul reading, you might receive information from the wisdom of your own soul and feel renewed in your purpose or mission here. This type of reading is usually best for someone who has experienced an intuitive or mediumship reading and has an understanding of spiritual concepts, since the reading will likely focus on deeper issues of your soul's path and less on your personality and everyday life.


Past Life Reading: Do you believe in past lives? Many people seek this type of reading when they are curious about a past life experience, seeking validation of a past life, or desire to heal blocks or difficult experiences in their life. During a past life reading, you'll be told about one or more past lives and the soul lessons you learned from them. This can be a deep and meaningful experience and help to reveal opportunities for healing. You will often meet and learn about members of your soul family (those that have lived other lives with you) or even a spirit guide from another lifetime that's guiding you on your current journey. Even if you're not sure if you believe in past life experiences, these lessons and stories can help make sense of the experience on a deeper subconscious level.


What should you expect before your psychic reading?


You don’t need to do a lot to prepare yourself for a psychic reading, but here are a few suggestions that can help you get the most out of your reading. If you have specific questions you’d like answered, take some time to get clear with yourself about that before the reading. Writing down some intentions for your reading could also be helpful to you depending on what you’re hoping to learn. Preparing a list of questions for your reader may also help give you peace of mind so that you can relax knowing that if a question is not answered organically you can also refer to your list.

If you're having a virtual session, clear your area of distractions and make sure you’ll have a quiet space during the reading with a secure internet connection. If you’re meeting in person, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive so that you're as relaxed as possible. Taking a few minutes to breathe and center yourself (or even meditate) before your reading can help you feel less nervous and open to connecting with your reader. 


What should you expect during a reading?


During a reading you should expect that your reader will greet you and introduce themselves in a way that makes you feel at ease. I usually offer a brief explanation of how I work and instruct my clients to keep their responses to a minimum especially during the beginning part of the reading. This allows me to connect purely to their energy and not in response to any questions they have asked. It’s important for me to give my client information first to validate our connection. Partway through the session I will check in and make sure that all questions have been answered and that my client understands what I’ve shared. Usually by that point all of their questions will have been answered, but if not I can tune into any lingering questions and provide additional clarification. 


What should you expect after a reading?


Many people find that they feel sensitive after reading. Give yourself time, space, or quiet to process the information that’s been discussed. You may find that you'd like a few hours to yourself or may want to plan to call a friend and discuss the reading afterwards. Giving yourself time to process everything in your own way can be emotionally beneficial. Some clients like to have a notebook or journal to record their thoughts. 


A psychic reading can be a profoundly healing experience that helps you connect to your own intuition. You might find yourself seeking more answers after a reading or having a desire to discover your soul's purpose. This is perhaps the most beneficial part of psychic and mediumship work! You don’t need to be connected by a psychic or medium to tune into your soul's wisdom. Oftentimes a reading will spur you on a lifelong journey of discovery.


Looking to connect with an experienced psychic? See if a psychic reading or coaching is right for you.


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