A mediumship or intuitive session can help you trust your intuition and give you the answers you seek.

Your loved ones in spirit want you to know that you’re never alone. Experience the peace and healing that comes from a mediumship or intuitive session.

Mediumship Readings are for those looking to connect with their passed loved ones and receive evidence that they live on, and messages of hope and healing to help guide you in the journey of your life. 

Intuitive Readings are for those who are needing life guidance, validation, clarity & direction around past, present and future challenges. Receive answers to your questions regarding career, relationships, & life purpose. 


Mediumship Readings

Living through the passing of our most loved ones can cause a tremendous amount of suffering. A huge part of what I do is to ease that suffering as best I can. 

A mediumship reading is a chance to reconnect with your loved ones in spirit. The spirit world uniquely orchestrates every reading to bring you the information you need to hear. Imagine a reunion with family, friends, or animal companions where you get to say anything that’s been left unsaid. You’ll hear evidence of your passed loved ones' lives on earth, so you’ll know they are now at peace. They will often share what they enjoy on the other side and validate that they are with you on your journey now. 

Each reading is completely unique, but the spirit world is always loving in communication, providing hope and upliftment. Before your Mediumship session it may help to mentally ask your loved ones that you'd like to come forward to be there. 

Schedule an in-person* or virtual session to connect with your loved ones in Spirit through a Mediumship Reading.

*in-person appointments are limited to those in the Greater Boston Area ONLY or repeat clients

$230 for 50 minutes or $170 or 30 minutes


Intuitive Reading

When life feels overwhelming because of change or loss, it can leave you seeking answers and direction. An intuitive session brings you back to yourself by revealing what you already know. Your soul holds the wisdom of all your past and present experiences. 

An intuitive reading is a chance to connect to that wisdom and receive the guidance and clarity you need. During an intuitive reading, I’ll connect to your energy to provide validation and insight about your life path and purpose. No matter what challenges you are experiencing, an intuitive reading will focus on the way forward. This is an uplifting experience that will leave you feeling more connected to your intuition and can help you trust your choices. 

For an intuitive session have a few questions either written down or in mind. I will check in with you towards the end of the session to see if any questions have not been answered.

Book an in person* or virtual Intuitive Reading. 

*in-person appointments are limited to those in the Greater Boston Area ONLY or repeat clients

$230 for 50 minutes or $170 for 30 minutes

"Sheryl is very kind and compassionate and definitely makes you feel like you are talking with a friend. She connected with my spouse and my very best friend who I've recently lost. Her accuracy about things from our lives and his personality were spot on. Information you cannot find on Facebook or through an obituary. I take so much comfort in knowing he's okay and still around me in spirit. Thank you again Sheryl, you truly have a unique gift that should be shared"


Kim Watkins

Connecting to spirit requires our trust, love and compassion.

In my work, trust is held firmly at the heart of everything I do.

Over the years, as I’ve developed my own mediumship and intuition, I’ve had to learn to trust myself fully in order to receive the signs around me and channel the messages that come to me from spirit. Trust is also key in how I relate to my clients. Each person is putting their trust in me, in my guidance, and I am also putting trust in them to be open to the possibilities of something new or unexpected. When we trust, we become more open to love, and to spirit.

Moving with love is paramount. 

I am not here to cause harm or to reveal upsetting truths. My intention is always one of loving service, to give comfort, peace, and healing to those that come to me. Love guides me as I move through my day. Finding love wherever you may be is also part of what it means to be connected to spirit. Love is found when we look outside our window, or when we notice the shape of a tree branch, and it is how we tell the people around us, both living and dead, that they matter to us.

I could not do what I do without compassion. 

Part of being human means to experience loss. Often clients come to me in distress - they are in the throes of grief, longing for some peace. Living through the passing of our most loved ones can cause a tremendous amount of suffering. A huge part of what I do is to ease that suffering as best I can. I also believe self-compassion is deeply important. This is something I practice, too, so I can show up fully for my clients as powerfully as possible. When we show ourselves compassion it is transformative. 


Having a reading for the first time can feel vulnerable.

I've put together these resources so that you'll know exactly what to expect.

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"I had a lovely reading with Sheryl! Quite eye-opening and insightful. She discussed specific details about my life and aspects I was seeking more clarity on. She has a very calm and peaceful presence. I definitely recommend booking a reading with her if you're looking for some clarity as well and tools to tap into your own intuition"


Christina Cange

(please note my new location)

Getting here

The office is located at 36 South Main Street Sharon, MA 02067 at the back of the building on the second level.

Please note there are six steps leading up to my office, and the building is not disability accessible. If you have acessibility needs, a virtual session is available. 

There is plenty of parking in a private lot, and you will see the sign for Alice's Mandarin Taste which abuts the parking lot.

Upon arrival please come in and have a seat in the waiting area and I will be out to greet you at your scheduled time. 

For any in-person appointments: Please contact me if you are sick or experiencing any cough or flu-like symptoms the day of your session and I will work to reschedule or switch to a virtual session, thank you. 

Covid 19 update: the office will comply with all state and local public health recommendations as they are updated including social distancing, sanitizing, and masking.

Mediumship and Intuitive Readings

Bridging the gap between the spirit world and the living through evidential mediumship; for those grieving their human or animal companions.

Sometimes life feels overwhelming, and you’d like guidance for important decisions you have to make. An intuitive session can help you trust your intuition and give you the answers you seek.


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