1:1 Mentorship

Strengthen and develop your ability to connect with the Spirit World with coaching & mentorship support

Individual 1:1 coaching & mentorship packages are available for mediumship, intuition, tarot, or trance. 

Spaces open periodically


Mentorship Programs

Mediumship Mentorship

Transform your Mediumship: six 1:1 80 minute sessions with check in's between sessions 

Learn to relay more accurate evidence, build trust in yourself and The Spirit World as you develop your abilities to hear, see and feel your Spirit communicator and gain a greater understanding of psychic Messages vs. Spirit communication. You will have opportunites to give practice readings 1:1 and in a group setting if you choose. 

These sessions are open to all levels of ability from beginner- professional and tailored to your individual needs.

$625 a month (for three months)


Intuitive Mentorship

Transform your Intuition: six 50 minute 1:1 sessions with check in's between sessions 

Demystify Intuition and understand how it manifests for you, learn how to differentiate Intuitive messages vs. fear and anxiety, identify obstacles to living authentically. Learn how to “block” feeling the energy of other people and set energetic boundaries, understand how your spirit guides communicate to you. Learn how to give intuitive readings. 

$420 a month (for three months)


Tarot Mentorship

For all levels of experience, three 5o minute 1:1 sessions to support you as a professional reader - complete beginner

Depending on level of experience I will provide printed materials with card meanings and various interpretations. You will gain a deeper understanding of the journey and the symbolism of the Tarot, recieve spreads to get the most out of your readings for yourself and others, tips for choosing, shuffling and clearing your cards. Learn how to read intuitively for yourself and others, work with journal prompts to guide you when reading for yourself and learn the best types of questions to ask of the Tarot. and much more!

$315 a month (for two months)


Trance Mentorship

Six 80-minute sessions | *Trance Mentorship only open to current students

Understanding the true nature of Trance Mediumship and levels of Consciousness through exercises to deepen your trust and connection with The Spirit World. Learn to surrender and trust you Spirit Team. 

$625 a month for three months

 "As a developing Psychic Medium, Sheryl has been instrumental in expanding my awareness of both myself and my spiritual abilities, single-handedly providing a safe, non-biased, loving, and highly profound impact on my growth as a Medium and my evolution as a person. She is an exceptional, effortless spirit communicator and has a connection with the Spirit World that is both felt by and beneficial to all who are lucky enough to study under her, receive readings from her, or are otherwise fortunate enough to simply know her. She is exceptionally gifted, immensely compassionate, and is the creme of the crop within the spiritual community. A truly remarkable teacher and I'm consistently grateful to learn from her and is a true Medium for Mediums!"


Lauren Nichols

Developing your mediumship and intuitive abilities requires vulnerability

My style of teaching is friendly, relaxed, and direct.

I don't believe in gate keeping—I will share with you things that have taken me a lifetime to figure out.

You’ll also benefit from the techniques I’ve received through training with some of the most talented mediums of our time. When I commit to you as a coaching client, I am invested in your success and well-being. 

I look at mediumship coaching as a fact-finding mission. My job is to observe, study, and link into your mediumship to help you know how you operate.

You will build confidence in your connections by understanding how exactly it feels to connect intuitively and mediumistically. 

As a teacher, I value trust, love, and compassion

You are putting your trust in me, in my guidance, and I am also putting my trust in you to be open to the possibilities of something new or unexpected. When we trust, we become more open to love and spirit.

My intention is always one of loving service, to give comfort, peace, and healing to those that come to me. Compassion and self-compassion are deeply important. This is something I practice, too, so I can show up fully for my clients as powerfully as possible. When we show ourselves compassion, it is transformative. 

Even when your connection to the spirit world is strong, it’s difficult to know how to manage your human clients. Presenting evidence in a way that brings your client into reading with you and creates a feeling of true connection is a skill that times time and practice to develop. 

 “I have been attending Sheryl's mediumship circle for the past 9 months, and this has been the most influential time of my life. Sheryl is a one in trillion teacher with the kindness and patience to make everyone and anyone feel loved, valued and truly heard. I have experienced so much healing and growth in this time, and I know this is attributed to Sheryl's divine guidance and grace. Having Sheryl as a teacher and guide has made me want to emulate all the beautiful qualities she shares with us all! Truly no one like her! I'm so fortunate to have joined such a loving group with really the best teacher I could ask for!”


Maggie Burrell


“I am a Medium who has been developing through coaching sessions and weekly circles with Sheryl for the past year. Sheryl allows you to explore, practice, and unfold your Mediumship in a supportive and loving environment. Her insight, guidance, dedication and encouragement are invaluable. As a reader, Spirit’s presence is completely evident while Sheryl conducts a reading. During a reading I received, Sheryl effortlessly brought through evidence specific to my loved one and a healing message that was very needed. Her gentle disposition and eloquence in how she deliver’s Spirit’s messages leave you feeling the presence of your loved one.”


Kathleen Connors- Pigeon

Spaces Open Periodically

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“Sheryl is a very gifted and compassionate medium and teacher. Her kindness and patience has allowed me to learn in a relaxed and safe environment. I feel so grateful and blessed to know her...she’s a real gem!”


Donna Merry

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