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Unlock your inner wisdom

When the world feels overwhelming, it’s tough to know which direction to take or to land on a decision that feels right. We’re constantly being thrown off track. Disheartened or distracted by the fears of others. Or, perhaps even harder to push past, the fears we hold inside of ourselves.

There is a place for fear. Fear keeps us safe.

But when it comes to living - really living - truthfully, wholly, in complete who-you-really-are-ness, learning to listen to your inner wisdom is what’s going to steer you toward the path that’s meant for you. Every time.

Uncovering Intuition: The Course helps you learn to trust yourself.

It equips you with the practical tools to become confident at tapping into the part of you that is most wise.

You might have arrived here feeling -

  • Curious. You’re wondering how your life may benefit from this kind of intuitive work. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that same curiosity has brought you here, to this page on my website.
  • Confused or unsure. You might be experiencing or have recently experienced some kind of event that’s invited some unusual questions. You’d like support and guidance as you look for answers to these questions for yourself.
  • Excited. You’re feeling a strong pull to dig deeper into your self. You already understand everyone possesses intuition, and you’re ready to work at unearthing more ways to connect with yours.

Wherever you’re at with this work - this course is designed to guide you, step-by-step. 

Embarking on your own intuitive journey may feel exciting - and it may feel kind of scary, too! And that’s ok.

The information and representations of mystical, intuitive work are often skewed by pop culture, or our own biases, conditioning, and upbringing. 

The truth is - we all possess intuition. 

I created this course to break down each core aspect of intuition, so you can peel back those layers of yourself, for yourself. 

Discover what exists beneath your fears and outer presence.

When you do, you’ll find out how to live more fully in your youness - every single day.

And if you’re already in touch with this part of yourself, the work you do inside Uncovering Intuition: The Course will only strengthen that connection.

" I felt safe and in a non-judgmental space so that I could learn to tune in more with my body/emotions which made me trust myself more. Sheryl works with her full heart with spirit, her clients and mentees."


Ren, Spiritual Medium

No one is going to give you permission to lead the kind of life you want to live - you have to give that permission to yourself.

Hi! I’m Sheryl.

When it came to pursuing my work as a psychic medium and educator - the path wasn’t easy. 

For years I lived out of alignment with my soul’s purpose, putting one foot in front of the other without really paying attention to what it was that I truly wanted from my time here.

I spent a long time living a life that was expected of me. The kind of life that on paper, looked great. 

But it wasn’t what I wanted. It wasn’t who I was.

Inevitably, I was forced to change course, re-examine what was inside of me and finally listen and act upon the clues I had been given. 

I understand how safe it can feel to keep doing things the way you’ve always done them. Our mind wants what’s safe and comfortable, not necessarily what’s best for us.

But if you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re already curious and pretty aware there might be something more for you. Something beyond what you’ve been conditioned to believe is acceptable, expected, or “the way it should be done”. 

Changing your life doesn’t have to happen dramatically, either. You can start with incremental shifts. Slowly opening up to more possibilities - and this is what this course does.

I’ve put everything I wish I knew back when I started my own mediumship and intuitive practice into Uncovering Intuition: The Course. My wish for you is that by exploring this work, you feel empowered. Listening to yourself - your truth - becomes easier and easier. 

So you can live more boldly, with a stronger sense of self, and more aliveness than you’ve ever experienced.


"I was able to truly embrace my gift and trust. I accepted myself and began to really see the the light within me and around me. I have a new confidence and peace I didn't have before."


Anita Swartly

Uncovering Intuition

A two-part course guiding you through practical, inspiring exercises to help you unlock your inner wisdom so you can live with more power, truth, and intention.

This self-paced course is split into two parts - so if you’re just starting out, you can begin with the basics without feeling overwhelmed.

Uncovering Intuition - Part One

1. Understanding Intuition

We begin with the essentials - understanding Intuition.

  • What is it?
  • How does it feel?
  • How is it connected to our body?
  • And how can we start building trust in our choices while listening to our energetic guidance.

2. Intuition vs. Anxiety

Learning to recognize the difference between intuition and anxiety is essential for creating a life that’s led with intention, rather than fear. This module breaks down all the physical, emotional, and less tangible differences between the two so you can start recognizing what deserves your attention and energy (your intuition) and what doesn’t (anxiety).

Exercises: You’ll learn how to engage your intuition through imagination and visualization with practical exercises

3. Understanding your own energy

By more deeply understanding and respecting your own energy, you’re able to feel it and stay in tune with it. Setting boundaries and paying close attention to what activities or people drain or invigorate you, means you can better protect your energy. When you do this, you’re able to access your intuition more readily. This module teaches you how to do all this, and more.

Exercises: Connect to Your Essence - Develop symbols as reminders of your essence to help keep you connected to your intuition in difficult moments through this meditation.

4. Energetic Boundaries and Psychic Self-Defense

We’re taking the concept of energy and boundaries one step further in this module. When you begin practicing this kind of work more regularly, you may notice your capacity to pick up on the energies of those around you becomes sharpened. This can have negative effects if you you’re not aware of the ways you can protect yourself. You’ll learn exactly how to do that here.

Includes: Energy protection ritual, and a guided meditation to protect your energy.

5. Receiving Information “The Clairs”

Become familiar with and start practicing receiving information via “The Clairs”. Intuitive messages can come through in different forms - one clair may be particularly strong for you, or you may be able to receive information from all 5 of the clairs. Discover clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairalience here.

Includes: Meditation to help you determine which clair is the strongest/most natural for you. Daily exercises and worksheet/habit tracker to develop “the clairs”.

6. Signs and Synchronicities

We close out Part One of Uncovering Intuition: The Course by taking a look at how synchronicities and signs show up to validate choices. You’ll learn how to be mindful and present - so you can notice signs and synchronicities when they appear, how to recognize them and ask for them, and how to understand the deeper messages they hold for us.

And if you’re feeling called to go deeper, Uncovering Intuition - Part 2 is for you.

Uncovering Intuition - Part 2: Going Deeper

1. Spirit Guides

To kick off Part 2 you’ll be introduced to spirit guides - who they are, how to build relationships with them, how to ask for help, and how to channel their wisdom. 

Meditation: connect to your spirit guides

2. Dreams

Your dreams can be a rich source of wisdom. This module guides you through how to capture the messages of your dreams, the difference between premonition and visitation dreams, and how to interpret your dreams.

Exercise: Dream Intentions - how to set clear intentions for the dreams you’d like to have.

3. Creating an Altar

Creating an altar for yourself, your dreams, hopes, and desires can be an incredibly powerful and supportive activity. You’ll learn how to assemble your own altar using objects that resonate with you and your intentions. I’ll also guide you in how to manifest specific intentions with your altar. 

Includes: Full workbook to help guide you as you create an altar in your home.

4. Tarot and Oracle Cards / Divination

If the idea of learning tarot feels overwhelming, this module breaks down everything you need to know in easy-to-follow steps, so you can get started reading for yourself or others.

Includes: Tarot spreads for relationships, situations, and guidance to start a daily tarot practice. Journal prompts to support you as you practice. Plus, a list of resources to help you deepen your understanding of tarot.

5. Reading Auras

Discover how to see and understand your own aura, as well as the auras of others. You’ll also learn what to do if you see something unpleasant, and how to refill your light when you feel drained.

Exercise: Develop your own unique color system to help you see and feel colors.

6. Giving a Psychic Reading

To end Part Two, you’ll be taught how to give a psychic reading by setting intentions, sharing healing energy, providing upliftment, and, importantly, honoring the boundaries and ethics of others, as well as your own.

Includes: The best questions to ask to discover your Soul purpose and path.

"Sheryl is a master at captivating an audience through leading with truth, love and compassion. Uncovering Intuition helps you uncover hidden truths about your gifts while letting you know you're not alone."


Alece, Spiritual Apothecary

Inside Uncovering Intuition you can expect to find -

  • Pre-recorded videos for each module that clearly explain each topic in detail so you’re equipped with the knowledge and understanding you need to put those learnings into practice.
  • Worksheets to support you as you move through the material and explore in writing what comes up for you.
  • Meditations, rituals, and exercises to help you integrate and assimilate what you discover.
  • A supportive, encouraging, and open environment to learn and explore at your own pace.

What you will not find inside this course -

  • One-to-one access to me. If you feel called to, you are welcome to book a reading with me or add your name to the waitlist for my mentorship and coaching services
  • Shame or judgment around what you might have already tried to access your intuition. One of the most important lessons I teach in this course is that there is no “wrong way” to do this kind of work.
  • Gatekeeping/secrecy around the mystical world. You deserve to have access to the same knowledge and tools as anyone else - this course is filled with everything I wish I’d known when I started my mediumship practice!


"Sheryl has brought to light that we all can tap into our intuition and be our true selves."


Ellen Sampson

You are the ultimate authority in your own life.

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