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Mediumship with The Moon 

The moon stabilizes our world through time, tides, and light as both an anchor and a beacon. She is an ancient guide inviting us to mark the passage of time, craft rituals, and seek meaning. All life is connected through our dependence on lunar magic. The mass spawning of corals on the great barrier reefs is timed perfectly to the full moon and can be seen from outer space; birds and insects rely on the moon for migration and navigation, and we humans experience heightened emotions from her gravitational pull.

Because our ancestors turned to the moon to track rhythms and cycles, Lunar Magic can help us remember who we are and awaken the true nature of our spirit.

The full moon possesses legendary and practical magic as it stirs our water and emotions, bringing everything to the surface. During the full moon, many of us experience an overflow of energy that raises the veil between us and the unseen world.

Behind this veil, I experience the Spirit World as an electric curtain, a fabric that connects us all beyond space and time, powered by the love we all possess within. Because mediumship and intuition are expressed so freely during this time, I invite you to join me for a new offering: Mediumship with the Moon.

 Are you curious and open to the messages that the Spirit World has for you?

Do you have loved ones or animal companions that have passed to the Spirit World that you're longing to feel a deeper connection with?

Do you have a question about your purpose or life path that you’d like to have answered?

Mediumship with the Moon is a virtual gathering under the power of the full moon. During this gathering, I will connect to the electric curtain of the spirit world through evidential mediumship, animal communication, and intuitive messages.

You can expect to hear evidential messages of hope, comfort, and love from Spirit. Each session is guided by the Spirit World and, therefore, unique. I invite you to come with an open heart and bring whatever helps you feel cozy. This will be an intimate gathering of only 20 participants and will last approximately 90 minutes.

Not everyone is guaranteed a personal message, although many people that attend my mediumship demonstrations have shared with me that they feel inspired by hearing the messages that others receive.


To help this event run smoothly:

Attendees are asked to be in a quiet space with a secure internet connection and have zoom downloaded before the event's start. When I am connecting with you, please be prepared to have your camera on and unmute so that I can hear your voice, as this strengthens and clarifies the connection I feel between you and The Spirit communicator. These sessions are not recorded for your privacy and to encourage a sense of comfort and natural communication.

I will open the session by inviting your passed loved ones, animal companions, and spirit guides to join us for mediumship and messages.

"Wonderful session! Sheryl immediately connected with my loved one in spirit. She told me so many things which were true. She conveyed the special messages from the other side which I needed desperately. Sheryl was also very sweet. You get a feeling like you are talking to your friend when you talk to Sheryl. Sheryl, you are gifted! Thanks so much!!!"


"Sheryl was very warm and helped myself and my wife reconnect with our loved ones who have already moved on. Her vivid description of our fur babies and my grand parents were joyous to hear. Thank you so much for your kindness and help!"


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