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Hi, I'm Sheryl!

I love what I do & I'm excited to get to know you. 

5 Facts about me

  • I studied Mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in the UK
  • Before becoming a Medium I had a career as a Finance Manager
  • I'm proud to be a founding member of The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee in Canton, MA
  • I'm a published author of the book Uncovering Intuition 
  • I live & work in the town I grew up in with my wife, two teenage sons & goofy goldendoodle Bella

My Story...

When I tell people that I am a Psychic Medium they typically want to know about my childhood or ask questions about my past. How did I know I could do this? My life has been ordinary with the exception that it has been uniquely touched by death through the people close to me that have passed, my own communication with them, and my own near-death experience. 

Before understanding my Mediumship abilities, I struggled to suppress my sensitivity to the world. School was challenging for me, and I often felt overwhelmed by my environment. I felt disconnected from myself and those around me and developed an eating disorder that continued throughout most of my adulthood.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but there was a lot happening for me there in the silence. What had perhaps begun as a coping strategy, gave me the space and freedom to develop this rich inner world that would cultivate my connection to the Spirit World and to my own inner knowing.

In 2003 I lost my childhood friend, Josh. Josh had been like a brother to me and shortly after he died, we started communicating. Although I was grieving from his death, I felt uncomfortable and awkward with the way he seemed to know and see my life. Because of my shyness, I avoided communicating with Josh and felt uncomfortable sharing my experiences with most people outside of my or Josh’s family, afraid of being judged.

A year later, in 2004, I had a Near Death Experience during a medical trauma which left me suffering from PTSD. This caused me to feel further trapped inside myself as I tried to suppress my emotions in fear of triggering a flashback.

Then in my thirties, I got the first answer to my life-long question “what is wrong with me?” and I learned I have inattentive ADHD. Things started to improve for me as I made sense of my neurological differences and began to understand myself as a highly sensitive person. I went back to work at my family’s business and felt more confident and focused.

I was more successful in my work than ever and after our finance manager quit on one of the busiest sales days of the year, I was offered the job. I began working long hours, thrilled to feel like I had found my purpose and something I was great at. Thriving in a corporate environment meant that I needed to put away the sensitive and intuitive parts of myself, and in return I enjoyed a successful career. I felt very in control of my success for a long time…until I wasn’t.

In 2017 I experienced a break down and burn out. After my son experienced a severe mental health crisis requiring a hospitalization, fearing for his life forced me to reconnect to my emotions. My Mediumship and Intuitive abilities came crashing back at me and I would spend hours at night talking to my Grandmother, who had passed to the Spirit World several years earlier. During this time, I knew I was communicating with my own loved ones in the Spirit World, but I had never heard of Mediumship beyond what you’d see on TV in the 90s or stories of my Great Grandmother reading tea leaves. 

Increasingly, I had this overwhelming feeling that my life was somehow coming to an end, I just couldn’t understand how. What I didn’t realize was, my life as I had known it was ending and a new way of being would begin for me.

I made the decision to start sharing this information with my therapist, sure she would say that the visions I was experiencing and voices I were hearing meant that I needed my own hospitalization. To my surprise, she suggested that I make an appointment to see a Medium. She said that this Medium had helped her to move on after the death of a loved one and felt that it was exactly what I needed. I emailed to make an appointment and it did end up being exactly what I needed. This Medium was the son of the Doctor who had supported me and helped me to make sense of my NDE 13 years earlier. Although, I wouldn’t learn this until three months later after we had become friends.

I began taking better care of myself, working less hours, and practicing Mediumship every chance I got. A few months later I quit my job as a finance manager and began doing free Mediumship readings out of a small office space I’d rented, and I enrolled in courses at The Arthur Findley College in the UK to study Mediumship. I felt an overwhelming sense of homecoming to myself and returned to Boston with more confidence in my abilities and understanding of who I was and what I must do.I started a Women’s Empowerment Circle, and it quickly grew into what is now my weekly Mediumship Practice Circle. After a year, I moved to teach the circle at Spiritual Center a few towns away to create a more diverse group. I continued private readings and demonstrations and began coaching developing Mediums who wanted to understand their abilities.


I traveled back to England and to Holland studying Mediumship and was able to meet some amazing people and have incredible experiences learning about and working with The Spirit World. In 2019, I moved into a larger office space in Canton so I could host workshops and group readings. I know how healing a Mediumship reading can be and I feel honored to be able to connect my clients to their loved ones in spirit. As a teacher I work to support others in developing their Intuitive or Mediumship abilities. After years of struggling to understand my Mediumship, providing a truly safe & empowering space for all people to practice & feel comfortable is something I’m passionate about.

My hope is that by sharing some of my story with you it will help you to connect to the magic that is already present within you. My greatest wish is to leave you feeling empowered, validated and more connected to yourself so that you remain (or assume) the role of the ultimate authority in your life.

With Love,


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My new book Uncovering Intuition: Guidance, Inspiration, and Exercises to Unlock Your Inner Wisdom is now available!

Why did I write this book? Because I am passionate about how the power of your intuition can help you create a truer life, a life you love!

My hope is that by sharing some of my story with you it will help you connect to the magic that is already present within you. My greatest wish is to leave you feeling empowered, validated, and more connected to yourself so that you remain (or assume) the role of the ultimate authority in your life.

"Sheryl’s guidance is gentle and concise. Her experiences were very relatable and I am very much loving the exercises of her book."

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