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Connecting to the spirit world is like coming home to yourself.


Sheryl Wagner - Psychic Medium, Teacher & Author 

Your loved ones in spirit want you to know that you’re never alone. Experience the peace and healing that comes from a mediumship or intuitive session.

Bridging the gap between the spirit world and the living through evidential mediumship; for those grieving their human or animal companions.

Sometimes life feels overwhelming, and you’d like guidance for important decisions you have to make. An intuitive session can help you trust your intuition and give you the answers you seek.

Sessions are available in-person and virtually. 

Mediumship Readings

When you connect to your loved ones who have passed to the spirit world, you’ll hear meaningful evidence of their lives here on earth and guidance to help you move forward & heal.

A Mediumship Reading provides the comfort of knowing they are at peace. Hearing what they are experiencing on the other side. and knowing that they are a compassionate witness to your life can help to strengthen your spiritual bond.


Intuitive Readings

Your soul holds the knowledge of your life path and purpose. An intuitive reading helps bring you that information and supports you in accessing it more easily. 

If you’re seeking answers and life guidance, an intuitive session connects you to the powerful wisdom and inspiration of your soul. Here you’ll gain clarity and validation of your life’s purpose. 



Learn to understand your unique mediumship abilities and ways of connecting to the Spirit World. 

Having support can give you the confidence you need to grow in your mediumship development and know when you need to take risks. 


Everything we experience is witnessed, held, and honored by the unseen world. 

As we touch its fabric, we become willing participants in synchronicity, wonder, and awe. 

Hi, I’m Sheryl. A psychic medium, teacher, and author of Uncovering Intuition. Whether you’re curious about the spirit world or longing to connect with a passed loved one, I’m here to support you. 


Learn More About Me

NEW! Uncovering Intuition: Guidance, Inspiration, and Exercises to Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

"Once I started to read it, I couldn’t put in down. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to benefit from knowing how to better access their intuition."

The Mediumship Membership Community

is a welcoming and supportive place to meet other mediums and intuitive folks worldwide.  
Developing your mediumship is a unique journey that can feel lonely without support and answers.
 Mediumship comes from your soul—it is a divine expression of who you are.
Building a compassionate, diverse community is central to my work.
Through a private forum and biweekly meetings, you’ll have a chance to share your struggles and successes.
I’ll share strategies and exercises to help you reach your goals and build confidence.
You’ll be encouraged to practice with others and get support from me live (biweekly) and through the forum.
Membership opens quarterly to keep a cohesive feeling group.
Once you join, you may cancel anytime. 
Tell me more

Listen to my interview on Psychic Matters podcast!

Curious to know more about my near-death experience, how I balance ADHD with being a highly sensitive person, and my journey from finance manager to psychic medium? Tune in to hear a very honest account of my journey and tips to help you develop your own intuition.

"Sheryl has been instrumental in expanding my awareness of both myself & my spiritual abilities, single-handedly providing a safe, non-biased, loving & highly profound impact on my growth as a medium and my evolution as a person."

Lauren Gentile
Spiritual Medium, Boston, MA

"Sheryl was very warm and helped myself and my wife reconnect with our loved ones who have already moved on. Her vivid description of our fur babies and my grand parents were joyous to hear. Thank you so much for your kindness and help!"

Cesar Paolo Manalaysay

"My psychic reading with Sheryl was very enlightening and spot on. Her calming and kind demeanor makes you feel at ease the moment she starts talking. Sheryl is extremely talented and I highly recommend you experiencing this for yourself. Stop hesitating and book with her ASAP! "

Crystal Williams
Hair Artist Easton, Ma

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