Mediumship Mentorship

12-week-long group coaching cohort to develop mediumship in a warm and welcoming environment

Our next class starts May 1st 2024

(sign-up opens for waitlist March 1st)

12 live sessions across 3 months

Small group, only 16 spaces available

Access to all recordings of all lectures and meditations

A private community to connect

$945 or 3 payments of $315

BONUS: Private 30-minute spiritual assessment with me


Mediumship is an expression of your soul, and unfolding it is precious. 

I think of mediumship development as a divine fact-finding mission. 

My goal as a teacher is to give you as much information about your unique abilities and ways of working as possible. When you learn the specific mechanics of how you work, this leads to a breakthrough. Having a teacher and community to cheer you on also builds confidence—which we all desperately need in mediumship. 

Every other week you’ll learn a new aspect of development, and the following week will be an organized practice session to review. 

"Sheryl has been instrumental in expanding my awareness of both myself and my spiritual abilities, single-handedly providing a safe, non-biased, loving, and highly profound impact on my growth as a Medium and my evolution as a person. She is an exceptional, effortless spirit communicator and has a connection with the Spirit World that is both felt by and beneficial to all who are lucky enough to study under her, receive readings from her, or are otherwise fortunate enough to simply know her. She is exceptionally gifted, immensely compassionate, and is the creme of the crop within the spiritual community. A truly remarkable teacher and I'm consistently grateful to learn from her and is a true Medium for Mediums!"


Lauren Nichols



Week 1 and 2:

Mechanics of Mediumship

The first two weeks will be devoted to understanding how your mediumship presents for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Week 3 and 4:

Perception of Presence

You’ll practice feeling the power and energy of your space, learn how to move, and relax into the power of your connection. There will be exercises to strengthen and develop your senses.

Week 5 and 6:

Unfolding the Evidence

Understanding the difference between experiential mediumship and moving beyond to deepen and unfold the evidence. The spirit world doesn’t speak symbolically; they speak in a language of love and intelligence. Learn how to be open to it all and not limit your communications.

Week 7 and 8:

Intuitive Awareness

Your work will be strengthened as you deepen your understanding of how and when to give intuitive messages.

Week 9 and 10:

Structuring a Private Session

We’ll discuss energetic boundaries, ethics, and practical advice to structure your readings.

Week 11 and 12:

Mediumship Challenges

The last two weeks will be dedicated to strategies and techniques to help boost your confidence and carry you forward in your mediumship.

"The gratitude that I feel about the opportunity to be mentored by you is bursting out of my heart. I've looked forward to Wednesdays for the past three months, they've most definitely been the highlight of my week! The group of people that your energy attracted for this cohort is nothing short of magical! What a blessing! Thank you... from the top, middle, and bottom of my heart! 

-Kirsten Swartz

Our next class starts spring 2024

Join the waitlist here and I'll reach out when space becomes available.


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