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A private community for psychic mediums and intuitive folks to connect, learn, and get support

Mediumship Membership is not currently accepting new members

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Mediumship Membership is a private community where you can connect with other like-minded mediums for practice readings, share your experiences, and get ongoing support from other community members and me. 

You'll be added to a private online group hosted through my website (off of social media.) You can bring your questions, breakthroughs, or struggles to the group for support. This is a chance to connect with other mediums worldwide and build a community for years to come!


What is the Mediumship Membership all about?


I LOVE helping developing mediums and intuitives reach their goals and feel supported. 

I have coached hundreds of mediums and intuitive folks via my online mediumship practice groups and 1:1 coaching program. 

But I find that there is ALWAYS one thing missing in my programs. 

Long-term support. 

A private, dedicated, closed community of psychic mediums and intuitives. 

If you've joined an online practice group in the past, you know the power of connecting to the community to practice mediumship, and psychic development in a supportive space. 


“Our group is a safe space for me to learn and continue to discover my mediumship. There is no judgment, just an extraordinary amount of love and support. The beauty is the mixture of beginner and advanced mediums - we all teach each other new things! Sheryl does an amazing job of creating new discussions and activities to do each session that helps fill our mediumship toolbox. I’m so thankful to have this group to continue my development.”

About Me

I’m a psychic medium, teacher, and author of Uncovering Intuition: Guidance, Inspiration, and Exercises to Unlock Your Inner Knowing.

I enjoy working with clients from all over the world through private sessions and workshops. I love teaching mediumship and intuitive development and have been so thrilled to see the personal progress, breakthroughs and expansions that have happened for my clients.

I created this private mediumship membership as a space for my community to feel a sense of belonging, safety, and connection as we grow and support one another through development.

My office is based in Sharon, MA where I live with my wife, two teenage sons, and goofy goldendoodle.


Your membership includes

  • 2 monthly online practice groups (held on zoom) the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 6:30 - 8:00 pm EDT

  • NEW recordings of all lectures and meditations beginning June 2023
  • A private dedicated online group to connect with one another and get support from me

  • Members will be invited to an additional 60-minute group meditation to welcome you and help build the energy of this group and to get to know one another. 

  • Monthly Sacred Circle time to connect and share (not recorded)
  • Ocassional Guest Events (August was a Full Moon Circle with Astrologer Gwen Yi)

Who is this group for?

Membership might be a good fit for you if:

  • You are a beginner, intermediate, or professional medium who wants to practice in a supportive space 
  • You are looking to make connections with other mediums and intuitive folks. 
  • You want ongoing support with your spiritual journey.
  • You enjoy sharing your wisdom and experiences with others. 
  • You are a psychic, medium, or highly intuitive person who wants to meet with and cultivate connections with others.  

Mediumship Membership is not: 1:1 dedicated support, a coaching or mentorship experience, or a place to promote your services. 

January Schedule

  • Tuesday, January 2nd, 6:30 pm- 8:00 pm EDT, first meeting of the month
  • Sunday, January 7th, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT New member orientation
  • Tuesday, January 16th, 6:30 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT, the second meeting of the month
  • Tuesday, January 23rd, 7:00 pm special intention setting ceremony (open to the public, but free with your membership)

Because I want to build a safe space for connection, membership doors are open periodically.

We will reopen the group to new members in Spring 2024.


“I'm so grateful for everyone in this Circle; it's one of the few places where I feel comfortable and like I belong. Thanks, too, to Sheryl for making this Circle possible; I love how you always come to Circle with the best energy and thoughtfully plan out different ways for us to practice. Your desire for us all to succeed comes through loud and clear!”

Past Topics Discussed

In July we explored allowing our communicator to show us "where are they now?"

We discussed how this can be helpful to our client to know what loved ones are experiencing on the other side. 

Practice exercises included inviting information that was evidential to their lives here on earth and meaningful in validating their presence now. 

In August we explored what is means to be a clear channel and examined the layers of the "filter" of our mind.

We practiced exploring generalizations, deletions, and distortions and how they can affect our mediumship.

We discussed ways to expand our awareness of new situations and communicators and practised inviting unexpected or non-traditional communicators in our session.


Doors Open in the Spring of 2024

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