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How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading: All You Need to Know

mediumship psychic Aug 23, 2021


A Psychic or Mediumship Reading can provide guidance, validation, clarity and direction around past, present and future challenges. During a Psychic Reading (also called an Intuitive Reading), you may receive answers to your questions regarding career, relationships, and life purpose. During a Mediumship Reading, you can expect to connect with your passed loved ones, and receive evidence that they live on as well as messages of hope and healing to help guide you in the journey of your life.



Before the Reading...



Be Clear About Your Intentions


Take some time to think through areas of your life where you may need guidance or questions you’d like to have answered during your reading. During an Intuitive Reading, I let my clients know in the beginning that I will be checking in with them part way through the reading to make sure that I’ve answered all of their questions. It may help to make a list of questions in order of significance to you to refer to. In most cases, all of your questions may be answered before you even ask, however having a list can allow you to feel more relaxed knowing that nothing will be missed. 



Ask Your Passed Loved Ones to Be There 


This is another way of setting intentions for your reading. If you would like to hear from someone significant in your life, you could take some time to sit in Meditation or prayer and ask them to be there. Simply spending time thinking of and calling on your passed loved ones can better prepare you to hear from them during a Mediumship Reading. 



Decide if You’d Like to Record, Take Notes or Not 


If you want to keep a record of your session, ask the Medium if it’s okay to record the session or take notes and plan ahead. For a phone or virtual session, many times the Medium will offer to record this for you, but you’ll want to know ahead of time if that’s important to you. This is an individual decision. Some clients feel uncomfortable or shy having sessions recorded and prefer to take notes. Others feel taking notes is too distracting and prefer the recording so they can be more present. Whatever allows you to feel most relaxed is the right choice.  



During your session...



Keep an Open Mind 


You may have scheduled the appointment, however your loved ones in Spirit take part in planning and orchestrating your reading. They know exactly what they’d like to communicate to you through the Medium and why. This may not always be the information that you are expecting at the moment but may make sense over the course of the reading and beyond. If you become too overly focused on hearing specific information you can easily miss the messages and evidence that is coming through. Let the Medium know when something doesn’t make sense to you, but try to be open to whatever comes through. 



Try to Relax


Rushing to get to your appointment and feeling stressed can take away from your experience and leave you feeling distracted. For an in-person session, get directions and plan ahead so that you can arrive a few minutes early and feel relaxed during your session. If you have a phone or Zoom session scheduled, make sure that you have a quiet space with a stable internet connection and that no one else is in the room with you. 



It’s Okay to Cry 


Most clients cry during a session. Having an Intuitive or Mediumship Reading can evoke a lot of feelings and tears are a natural way that our bodies release emotion. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions in the moment can help you to process things that are discussed in your session or move through grief and loss. Remember that crying or becoming emotional will not distract the Medium or take away from the communication and it may be an important part of the healing process.



Use Your Voice


I ask my clients at the beginning of a Mediumship session to try and keep their answers to yes, no, or I’m not sure. It is important to use your voice to clearly respond to the Medium without giving lots of information. When I hear my clients voice I can feel the excitement or recognition from their loved ones in Spirit and this helps move the energy throughout the reading. In any session,  if something does not make sense, don’t be afraid to say so. This may mean that the Medium has misinterpreted some information and they will be able to get clarity for you. 



After the session...



Practice Self Care


Take some time to process everything that’s been discussed. Journaling, meditation or sharing your experience with a friend or therapist can help you to get the most out of your session. If you are sensitive to energy or grieving, you may want to plan some down time for yourself to rest and restore. A Psychic or Mediumship Reading can often inspire you to pursue your own spiritual development and learning. 


If you're interested in a reading but haven't booked one yet, learn more about what you'd experience from an Intuitive or Mediumship Reading with me.



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