Uncovering Intuition Book

Allow the power of your inner wisdom to shape your life

 Learn to see auras, interpret your dreams, create an altar, connect with your spirit guides, and more.

"I’ve read so many books about intuition and this is the best one that I have read."


A Brief Message From Sheryl

For those who desire a truer life and greater understanding of their purpose.


An inside look into Uncovering Intuition

What You'll Learn


Recognize the difference between anxiety vs intuition

Recognize when your intuition is presenting information to you and make decisions that support what you truly want, rather than reacting from a place of fear or anxiety. Learn how to unlock the magic of your intentions as a daily practice to help create alignment in your life.


The truth about empaths, highly sensitive or highly intuitive people

You’ll practice feeling the power and energy of your space, learn how to move, and relax into the power of your connection. There will be exercises to strengthen and develop your senses.


How you most naturally receive intuition and psychic information

Exercises and tips to develop your “Clairs” and unfold messages from your intuitive senses. Learn how to read the energy of objects, people, and places.


Recognize signs from your spirit guides, the universe, or your passed loved ones

Learn how to clearly recognize signs and know when your passed loved ones or spirit guides are communicating to you. Build a practice that makes you feel more connected to the Spirit World and nature.


Get to know your Spirit Guides

Build a relationship with your Spirit Guides so you can communicate with them every day and feel their loving presence.


Interpret your dreams

Learn how to recognize a premonition dream, visitation dream from the spirit world, and how to set intentions around your dreams so you feel more at peace. Learn to recognize when a dream is a powerful message from the other side and when it’s “just a dream” and how to let it go.


Create a sacred space and build an aligned altar

An altar can help to call in the power of your spirit guides and ancestors, manifest your desires and support you in developing your intuition and psychic senses as you connect to your physical space. Learn how to call in the elements to support you and how symbolism, nature, and color can help create an altar that makes you feel most like yourself.


How to start a tarot or oracle card practice

Beginning to read tarot or oracle cards can be a valuable tool for self-reflection and a way to receive information from your intuition for yourself and others.



Reading auras and the energy of others

Receive information through the auras of others and understand how certain people and places affect you. Explore the meaning of colors and build your own color system so that you can interpret color in the aura. Learn how to set energetic boundaries and protect your energy.


Intuition for kids

Help support the highly sensitive and intuitive kids in your life through empowering and fun exercises. Learn how you and your kids can communicate through your psychic senses and even communicate with your pets through animal communication.


What Did Readers Have to Say?

★★★★★ On Amazon

"Absolutely loved this book. I recommend reading this if you are starting to explore what intuition is and how to follow your intuition. This is one of those books that I just couldn't put down! Sheryl shares straight from her heart and reading this felt very healing."

"Whether you are just beginning to use your own intuition or have been practicing for a while, Sheryl's knowledge and guidance will help you uncover more. Her writing is relatable, with a willingness to share her own vulnerabilities and experiences, clear and easily understandable. Highly recommend."

"Sheryl tells how intuition can help me in my everyday life. Once I started to read it, I couldn’t put in down. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to benefit from knowing how to better access their intuition."

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