The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask a Psychic

intuition psychic Jun 15, 2022
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Many people seek a psychic reading when they need life guidance, validation, clarity, and direction around past, present and future challenges. A psychic reading can help you receive answers to all of your questions around your career, relationships, and life purpose.



What is a psychic reading?


A psychic reading is when your psychic reader connects to your energy using their intuition or psychic senses. Every reader works differently, but essentially what's happening in a psychic reading is the reader is extending their soul's energy to your soul in order to receive information that may be helpful and validating as well as to provide advice and guidance to you. During a mediumship reading, the medium will connect to their energy and blend it with one of your loved ones who has passed to the Spirit World and give you evidence that they live on, with messages of hope and healing to help guide you in the unique journey of your life.


When it comes to psychic and mediumship readings, there are a variety of options to choose from but generally readings fall into two categories: psychic (also called an intuitive reading) or mediumship. This blog post talks about psychic readings and the best questions to ask during your next reading. Now, let me say that it may not be necessary to ask any questions at all during your reading or perhaps only ask a few questions at the end.


However it’s almost always helpful to have intentions around what questions you’d like to be answered. Many times a psychic reader will answer your questions before you even have a chance to ask them! I always recommend being clear with yourself before a reading about what you’d like guidance and direction on. This will allow you to relax knowing that as the reading wraps up you can look over your list and make sure you have the answers you’re seeking. Read more on How to Prepare for a Psychic ReadingIf you haven’t experienced a reading before, read Psychic Readings: What to Expect Before, During, and After to get a good sense of what you can expect.



Main Types of Psychic Readings


Intuitive Readings

Intuitive is just another word for psychic. During an intuitive reading, the reader is connecting intuitively to your energy to provide guidance, clarity, and messages for you. Each reading is different and will focus on the needs of the client at that moment. Sometimes tarot cards or other divination tools may be used, but they aren't necessary. An intuitive reading can answer questions about your life’s path and the reader may offer you practical advice and support for the next steps you should take. Readings can focus on health, finances, love life, career or any other questions you might have. The possibilities for discussion are endless and depend on what you need during your session. 



Soul Readings

This type of reading focuses on your soul's purpose, what lessons you are here to work out, and what your soul's gifts are. This type of reading can also offer evidence of what has happened in the past to bring you to your current situation and look at various ways you might choose to move forward and the possible rewards or consequences for your choices. During a soul reading, you might receive information from the wisdom of your own soul and feel renewed in your purpose or mission here. This type of reading is usually best for someone who has experienced an intuitive or mediumship reading and has an understanding of spiritual concepts, since the reading will likely focus on deeper issues of your soul's path and less on your personality and everyday life.



Past Life Readings

Do you believe in past lives? Many people seek this type of reading when they are curious about a past life experience, seeking validation of a past life, or desire to heal blocks or difficult experiences in their life. During a past life reading, you'll be told about one or more past lives and the soul lessons you learned from them. This can be a deep and meaningful experience and help to reveal opportunities for healing. You will often meet and learn about members of your soul family (those that have lived other lives with you) or even a spirit guide from another lifetime that's guiding you on your current journey. Even if you're not sure if you believe in past life experiences, these lessons and stories can help make sense of the experience on a deeper subconscious level.



Animal Communications

Someone who specializes in animal communication will typically be able to communicate with both living animals and pets that have passed. Many Evidential Mediums will also communicate with animals, it is common for me to connect with all types of animals in my sessions with clients. If you are interested in connecting to pets you’ve lost, be sure to ask the psychic or medium you're thinking about working with if connecting with pets is a specialty of theirs. 

What's a Mediumship Reading?


A Mediumship reading is a different type of reading and is not considered a psychic reading. Mediumship is the communication between Spirits of the deceased and those who are still living. As a Psychic Medium, I will communicate with those who have passed to the spirit world through seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing and act as a bridge between the spirit world and this world. My goal is to deliver messages and evidence to my clients that their loved ones are very much alive and present in their lives.During a mediumship reading, the medium will connect their energy and blend with one of your loved ones who has passed to the Spirit World and give you evidence that they live on, and messages of hope and healing to help guide you in the journey of your life. To learn more about mediumship, see: What is Mediumship? A Beginner’s Complete Guide.

Or see if an intuitive or mediumship reading is right for you.


When it comes to asking questions of a psychic reader, I find that the best types of questions start with how and what. This leaves room for growth and avoids limiting your potential course of action. For example, if you ask “when will I meet someone?” you may get a time period however it could force you to become over-focused on that time and doesn’t account for your own free will. Say you are told that you’ll meet someone in two months time and that causes you to stop looking or dismiss someone you meet the following week because it hasn’t been long enough. A better question I find is “what do I need to know about meeting a new partner?” or “how can I prepare to meet someone that I can have a meaningful relationship with?” This type of question accounts for all the wonderful things that you might not even be aware of that exist for you!



Questions to ask a psychic about love


  • What do I need to know about this relationship?
  • How can I bring more love into my life?
  • What needs to be released in order for this relationship to be harmonious?
  • What (if anything) am I not seeing about this relationship?
  • What are the future possibilities for my current relationship?
  • What am I healing from past relationships that can help me in the future?
  • What do I need to know about my love life right now?



Questions to ask a psychic about career


  • What gifts do I have that I’m not currently utilizing?
  • How can I bring more inspiration into my life?
  • How can I find joy in my work?
  • What do I need to know about work relationships right now?
  • Will collaboration be beneficial to me right now?
  • What are my soul's gifts?
  • Where do I have the most potential to grow?
  • What opportunities should I be open to right now?
  • Where might I be getting in my own way?
  • What do I need to know about my current career path right now? 



Questions to ask a psychic about an ex


  • What were the lessons I learned in my past relationships that can help me in the future?
  • What do I need to know about why this relationship ended?
  • What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?
  • How can I begin to heal and move forward?
  • What do I need to know about any future connections with this person?



Questions to ask a pet psychic (animal communicator)


  • What does my animal want me to know about them?
  • How are they feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually?
  • What would help to improve our relationship?
  • How are they trying to communicate with me?
  • What are their favorite or least favorite activities?
  • What are we both learning from this relationship?



Remember that with any psychic or mediumship reading the purpose of the reading is to provide hope and uplifting answers to guide you forward on your path. You also have free will and your path can be changed whenever you choose differently. A good psychic reading will help you see the best possible way forward and speak to the potential of your unique situation.



And if you're itching to ask your questions to an experienced psychic and medium, learn more about booking an intuitive reading or mediumship reading with me.

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