Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides

intuition mediumship Dec 20, 2021
Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are infinitely loving beings that are in our lives to guide, teach and protect us. Everyone has Spirit Guides regardless of their Spiritual beliefs. Even if you don’t see, hear or feel your guides yet, you do have them. There is not a person on this planet that is alone in their life experience, we are all connected, guided and loved.


How does it feel to connect?


When clients come to me wanting to understand Mediumship and how they communicate with their Spirit Guides, I ask them to try to put into words how it feels when they are connecting with their guides. The answers are somewhat universal. They feel more loving, and more loved. They have a feeling like anything is possible, like they are coming home, or like they are totally free and unlimited. This is the power of the Spirit. We connect to our Spirit Guides not through our mind, but through our own Spirit and in this space we feel different. When we are in our Spirit we are unconditionally loving and free from many of the challenges we may face as humans.


Take your time 


It’s common to want to rush the process of connecting to our guides. You may not yet recognize it, but you are frequently connecting. When we try to rush the process we invite our mind and our ego into the process. Our mind can easily invent an identity for our guides and our ego may also interject giving us a guide that we feel suits us or makes us special somehow. Try to keep your mind and ego out of the process of connecting with Spirit Guides, as it is a pure and authentic experience that needs to unfold naturally.


Cultural beliefs and differences can shape your experience


Every belief we have about Spirit Guides will act as our conditioning and ultimately shape or limit our experience. I was told by a spiritual teacher that once I learned more about spirituality and “ascended” I would meet other worldly guides that were more holy and of a higher vibration than my current guides. She suggested one day I would speak directly to an angel as my guide. My main guide that I have seen since I was a child is very ordinary in appearance. I have described him as a man with a hat and a moustache. This information about ascending and angels startled me as I considered losing the closest and most loving relationship I’d ever had and having to communicate with an Angel. Angels were not part of my understanding growing up Jewish and they do not resonate with me. We will likely connect with and experience a guide that is familiar to us and our experience. Especially when we connect with spirit guides as children, it is unlikely that the Spirit World would send us a guide that would startle or disturb us.



Can a Medium Help me to Connect with my Guides? 


There have been occasions when I will see something specific about a client's Spirit Guide and it will be in validation of an experience they have had. I once told a young man in a reading that I saw a woman standing behind him in a long Orange robe and I had a feeling that he had been communicating with her the evening before and asking for Spiritual Guidance. He immediately recognized the woman, although he did not know her, he had a spiritual experience the night before when he saw her in his mind's eye. This is the type of evidence that is helpful to a client. Offering information on Spirit Guides without the evidence is not in alignment with my work because it can not be validated, and I feel can do more harm than good.


To begin connecting with your Spirit Guides: 


1. Slow Down 


Sometimes life gets busy. During times when you rush from one activity to the next without a spare second to stop and take a breath it can be difficult to be aware of the subtle signs and signals that your guides are with you, but you can trust that they still are.  Taking time to sit quietly or practicing a walking meditation can give your guides an opportunity to connect with you and share signs and feelings of their presence. 


2. Try not to compare yourself to others


Remember, when developing a relationship with your Spirit Guides, you are the authority on what you know. No one else can tell you who your guides are or what your relationship is. This is a deeply personal relationship much like the relationship you have with yourself.


3. Ask your Guides for help 


There really is no limit to what you can ask your guides for help with. If you have a difficult meeting, burning question, or even something small like what is the best route to take to work. Try turning over the issue to your guides and ask for help. Try to be open and curious about what happens next!


4. Keep a Journal 


Journaling can be a valuable tool in self reflection and discovery. Keeping a guide journal can help you track impressions and messages from your guides. I’ve received many messages from my guides over the years that didn’t make sense at the moment but when looking back the messages are clear. You can even write your guides a letter in your journal to help open communication. 


5. Ask for Signs 


Your Spirit Guides are always with you and want to bring you the comfort of knowing that they are present in your lives. If you are open to receiving them, they will send you signs and validations of their presence in your life. Being open to recognizing numbers, synchronicities, signs through nature or dreams can help you to feel more connected. 


6. Develop your intuition 


Developing your intuition can help you to feel more grounded and connected to yourself. Often intuitive messages and messages from your guides will feel subtle. Being able to rely on intuitive messages and trusting the feeling you get can make it easier for you to trust and know when you are connecting to your Spirit Guides.

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