How to Tap Into Your Mediumistic Abilities and Develop Them

mediumship Nov 18, 2022
a butterfly sitting on a woman's shoulder while she taps into her mediumistic and psychic abilities


What are mediumistic abilities exactly?

Mediumistic abilities are the senses by which Mediums receive information from those in the Spirit World. Through blending their mind and energy with a Spirit Person, the mind of a Medium will then interpret this energy through their physical senses, seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing and even smelling or tasting. In Mediumship, these abilities are often referred to as “the clairs” from the French word "clear".

Recognizing how you receive information will help strengthen your mediumship abilities. Most people will use all of these senses to receive information and it is likely one sense will be stronger than another. Once you know how you are receiving information most easily you can begin to develop your abilities. All humans are naturally clairsentient and will be able to feel information so if you are not sure which sense is strongest for you, start by developing your clairsentience.



Are mediumistic abilities the same as psychic abilities?

Mediumship refers to a connection with the Spirit World, when someone is blending their energy with the Spirit World to bring information or a message to someone on the earth plane this person acts as the Medium. Psychic energy is that of this world. In a psychic reading, I will connect to my client’s energy to help gain clarity and guidance around their situation. I will often use “psychic” interchangeably with highly intuitive person. I also tend to use intuition, psychic sense, awareness, or psychic awareness interchangeably. In mediumship there is a common phrase: “All Mediums are psychic, however not all psychics are Mediums,” and this is true in a sense. Everyone who is sensitive enough to connect to the Spirit World will also be able to connect psychically to others in this world.



How I Started Tapping Into My Own Mediumistic Abilities

Years after having a near death experience and struggling to suppress my connection to the Spirit World, I decided to develop my mediumship abilities. I began practicing in a local mediumship practice group and rented a small office space where I began offering free readings. I went to study mediumship at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK and I felt an overwhelming sense of homecoming to myself returning to Boston with more confidence in my abilities and understanding of who I was and what I must do. When I began to honor who I was and what I was experiencing, my life began to change in amazing ways.



5 Signs You May Have Mediumistic Abilities

  1. You feel you have deep spiritual experiences that connect you to the unseen world. 
  2. You feel intense energy that manifests itself in various ways (physically or emotionally) in certain places like crowded places or historical sites with significant history. 
  3. You sometimes meet people and “just know” things about them or their lives without them telling you. 
  4. You are very good at reading situations and people, you have a gut feeling or strong inner knowing that seems to lead you through your life. 
  5. You feel a strong connection to the Spirit World and the unseen world.



What is clairsentience?

Clairsentience is the ability to feel information. Everyone has clairsentience so if you’re not sure which clair is strongest start here! Clairsentience may be the most valuable yet undervalued way we receive information. Because we are often taught to dismiss our feelings, many intuitive people discredit and question the strong clairsentient messages they receive — but we feel that information all the same.


How can you tap into it?

To tap into your clairsentience, practice and pay attention to feeling energy. Remember a time when you walked into a room where an argument had just occurred, and you could feel that energy? Remember the last time you had a “gut feeling”? That is clairsentience. But it is often more than just a generalized gut feeling. Through clairsentience, you can receive detailed impressions and messages.


4 Signs You May Be Clairsentient

Highly Clairsentient people may:

  • feel strongly affected by the emotions of others
  • feel a strong connection to animals and plants
  • find that people, even strangers, easily confide in you 
  • spend a lot of time helping others



What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the ability to “see” the Spirit World, images they present, and psychic visions. Some people will also refer to themselves as “a clairvoyant,” meaning that they can see this way. You may experience clairvoyance and dismiss it as your imagination since images will appear in the same space as your imagination.


How can you tap into it?

Have you ever met someone and begun to see images of their life? Maybe you can easily imagine what their home looks like or who they spend time with, almost like watching a movie? Perhaps they are dressed in a suit and tie, but you can easily imagine them coaching a kids baseball game. This movie inside your mind may be your clairvoyance. It’s common to experience clairvoyance yet dismiss it as imagination. One way to tell the difference is that with clairvoyance, images may appear in just a flash, however, you will be able to recall them clearly and easily. To start to tap into your clairvoyance practice holding images in your mind and see if you can extend the time each time. For example, go for a walk outside and pay attention to what you notice. Choose an image to recall later: a flower, butterfly, or tree. Practicing holding that image in your mind can help to activate your clairvoyance. 

Clairvoyance means "clear seeing". In psychic and mediumship work, the word is often used interchangeably to describe the ability to “see” the spirit world, images they present, and psychic visions or images. Some people will also refer to themselves as “a clairvoyant” meaning that they can see this way. 


6 Signs You May Be Clairvoyant

Many Clairvoyant people: 

  • think in pictures rather than words 
  • remember faces better than names 
  • have vivid imaginations  
  • have creative hobbies involving art, nature or interior design
  • resonate with symbols and colors
  • are visual learners



What is clairaudience?

Clairaudience is when someone “hears” information from the Spirit World. It is not our physical ears that hear, rather it’s our mind interpreting energy as a sound. 


How can you tap into it?

To tap into clairaudience, it’s important to start recognizing it. You may have experienced clairaudience without realizing it. While developing this ability, you may expect to hear a different voice in your mind and sometimes it’s the voice of someone you recognize. But most often it will be your own voice. Common ways people experience clairaudience are hearing their name called softly from another room, song lyrics that suddenly come into your mind, or hearing random words inside your mind spoken in your own voice. Pay attention when this happens!


7 Signs You May Be Clairaudient

Many Clairaudient people:

  • may easily recall names and dates
  • hear buzzing or ringing in their ears 
  • are sensitive to sounds 
  • enjoy reading and writing
  • easily remember the lyrics to songs 
  • call easily recall the quality of someone's voice 
  • are auditory learners



What is claircognizance?

Claircognizance means "clear knowing". When you are experiencing Claircognizance, it will feel like “just knowing” something without knowing how you know. The information is simply in your mind, and you may feel like you are making it up. Trusting this strong feeling of knowing for it is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with the Spirit World. 


How can you tap into it?

When you are experiencing Claircognizance, it feels like “just knowing” something without knowing how you know. The information is simply in your mind—you may even feel like you are making it up. Trusting this strong feeling of knowing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your intuition. To start tapping into your claircognizance pay attention to your subtle impressions and “what you just know” about a situation. Many times we dismiss claircognizance because it’s hard to recognize since the information has not passed through our physical senses. Try noticing and trusting you inner knowing more.


6 Signs You May Be Claircognizant

Many Claircognizant people: 

  • feel like information is being downloaded to them
  • enjoy deep discussions about spiritual topics
  • have a desire to study and understand the meaning of things
  • seem to easily make snap decisions 
  • have a lot of ideas
  • enjoy solving problems



What is clairalience?

Have you ever spontaneously caught the scent of one of your passed loved ones without any explanation? For example, smelling your Grandmother’s cigarette smoke, Dad’s shaving cream, or your Mom’s favorite flowers. This may be a sign that you are experiencing Clairalience. Clairalience means "clear smelling". This is a lovely way for our own loved ones to let us know they are around us as the sense of smell is so strongly linked to our memory. Pay attention to how you feel when this happens to you.


How can you tap into it? 

To start developing clairalience, start by bringing a memory to mind. You may want to choose a pleasant childhood memory that connects to a loved one that is significant to you. Use your other senses to make this memory as vivid as possible. For example, I might choose the memory of laying with my Grandmother on the beach in the summer. Now allow yourself to remember and imagine the smells you experience, at first it might be the memory of a smell, but eventually this will develop into the feeling of a smell. In my example I might recall the smell of sunscreen and salty sea air. Pay attention to experiences when you smell or have the feeling of a smell when connecting to the spirit world, this can mean a loved one in spirit is visiting with you! 


3 Signs You May Be Clairalient

  • You have a very clear memory connected to smell and can easily bring them to mind.
  • Sometimes you sense a passed loved one is visiting you because you smell their perfume or scent. 
  • When you meet someone you sometimes experience a negative or positive smell based on your perception of them. 



What is clairgustance?

Clairgustance is the ability to receive psychic or mediumship information through taste. Sometimes when mediums are connecting to a spirit person they can perceive tasting a food, cigar, or other experience connected to that spirit. One time I was reading for a client and connecting with her Father who had passed to the Spirit World. He was showing me how he used to love to Grill for the family and always wore a funny apron. Then I began to taste a very rare steak that was blackened and burnt on the outside. I described this flavor to her and she laughed recognizing that information because her Dad liked his steak cooked this way, almost completely raw on the inside and burnt on the outside was his favorite. A Spirit person may communicate to you through Clairgustance to convey evidence of their likes or dislikes in food or other things that may be tasted, for example a cigar, special drink, or spices that link to their unique culture. Clairgustance means "clear tasting".


How can you tap into it?

To tap into your clairgustance, think about the taste association you have with certain people in your life. Is there an experience that’s connected to food? Was a special food important to one of your passed loved ones? Try making a special dish that reminds you of a passed loved one and ask them to join you. Taking time revisiting your memories around taste can help to open up your abilities. 


3 Signs You May Be Clairgustant

  • You are very sensitive to tastes and smells.
  • Your imagination easily brings certain tastes to mind. For example you imagine boting into an apple or piece of chocolate and you can almost taste it, maybe your mouth even waters. 
  • You experience tasting certain foods connected to family members or passed loved ones and associate that with that spirit person “visiting” you. 



What is clairtangency?

Clairtangency is another word for psychometry. Psychometry is The act of or ability to perceive information from a place or object. I often use photographs when teaching psychometry. Psychometry gives us another way of knowing. The word derives from the Greek word “psyche” meaning soul and “metro” meaning to measure and refers to the psychic ability to read or sense energy from an object.


How can you tap into it?

To tap into psychometry, ask a friend to have you hold an object of theirs (an heirloom or something that belonged to someone they know will work best). Pay attention to what you notice as you hold the object and tune into the energy it holds. If you have trouble getting started it can help to pretend you are “making up a story” about the object. Then, ask your friend if they can validate any of the information you've shared, you might be amazed at what you can learn! You can also practice this exercise with a photograph with a friend, ask for a photograph to practice reading and tuning into energy. Make sure it’s a photograph of someone that they know enough to help you validate your impressions.


3 Signs You May Be Clairtangent

  • You are sensitive when visiting antique stores, old houses, or places that hold a lot of energy. 
  • When you look at a photograph you feel you instantly connect to the person in it and get a sense of them.
  • People often come to you for advice and ask your impressions of others.



How to Start Developing Your Mediumistic Abilities


1. Trust yourself and trust the Spirit World.

It’s natural to doubt yourself and your abilities. Because we are conditioned through society to value facts over feelings, we often dismiss our instincts and intuition. Learning to start trusting your feelings may take work and practice, but self-trust is necessary to develop Mediumship.


2. Connect to community.

Find a group of like-minded people where you can share your experiences, learn from the experiences of others, and ask questions. Sharing information can be powerful and validating when discovering your mediumistic abilities.


3. Trust the timing.

There is an undeniable feeling of excitement when you discover your mediumship abilities. I believe this is due to your soul pushing you to explore and fulfill your purpose. When I began to develop my mediumship abilities, I kept hearing the phrase “I am guided in my every step by spirit that leads me towards what I must know and do”. Trust that you are being guided in the perfect timing for you.


4. Don’t compare yourself to other Mediums.

It’s natural to want to compare yourself to others but this can be detrimental to your development. Everyone is so unique! Imagine starting a race and looking over and admiring the shoes of the person next to you and deciding that you need the same exact shoes before you get started running. We all have completely different gifts and styles. Waiting to see, hear, feel, or know Mediumship like someone else does will only delay you discovering your own gifts. Mediumship is not a race but an individual journey that must be explored over time.


5. Practice listening to your intuition. 

When you learn how to connect inwards, your own desires will be clear. Your intuition will hold you with love, clarity, and reassurance that deep within you know what you want. While it may not provide all of the hows and whys it will show you the way. Starting to act on your own desires and not those of others can quite literally bring you into the light. You can feel less burdened by the judgments of others and at the same time begin attracting new people into your life that are in alignment with you. 



 2 Tips for When You're Experiencing Mediumship


Ask yourself:

1. How do you feel when receiving information?

When you are connecting with the Spirit World you will feel it in your body. Notice and keep track of how you feel physically and emotionally when receiving information. Journal about your experiences so that you can keep track of your progress.


2. Where is this information coming from?

When information is coming to you from your mind it will feel very different that when it’s coming to you from the Spirit World. If when receiving information you find yourself thinking “this makes no sense” or “this is odd”, that may be a sign that the information is not coming from your mind, but from the Spirit World.



To further explore your abilities, I recommend:


Watch: Learn to use your breath to connect to your spirit


Practice: Strengthen your clairvoyance through visualization and mindfulness

Go for a walk outside and notice in detail your surroundings. Notice every blade of grass, every cloud in the sky, the texture of the ground. Pay attention to the colors you see, the various shades and depth of them. Rather than trying to look for something interesting or extraordinary, allow yourself to simply notice the detail of what is. 

Later throughout the day when you have a spare moment, close your eyes and with your imagination bring to mind the images you focused on during your walk. As you recall a leaf, flower, or rock, notice how long you are able to hold that image in your mind without it changing. Most likely in the beginning it will only be for a second or two. This is something that can be developed with practice, you will be able to hold these images for a longer amount of time. In addition to being able to hold the image, this develops a sense of mindfulness and connectivity to your surroundings which is very supportive of Mediumship development. 


As you move forward strengthening your abilities:

Keep a dedicated Mediumship journal to keep track of your progress. When you're more advanced, you'll be glad you can reflect on the details of your journey.

Learn how I can help guide you through coaching and mentorship.

Practice with a friend or join the Online Mediumship Development Circle that I host.

Continue your learning with What is Mediumship? A Beginner's Complete Guide.

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